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How to find fault with blend doors and/or actuators

So this one gets electrical again. If you compressor turns on and the low side pipe going into the firewall of the engine compartment...

What do my car AC pressures mean?

So you will definitely need a set of pressure gauges to diagnose this symptom. Refrigerant is a gas that changes states through pressure which...

How to diagnose my car AC compressor is not turning on

When the compressor doesn’t turn on at all, it can mean a couple different things. You are either too low on freon, you have...

How to properly check and recharge your AC system

First off you need to understand a little bit on how an automotive air-conditioning system works. Click here to learn about all the components...

How your car’s A/C system works

Depending on where you live, your car may not be drivable if your air conditioning system isn't up to par. There are a lot...