Learn how to replace rear disc brake pads and rotors as part of a brake job for your Nissan Altima models from 2002-2010. If your brakes aren’t working, aren’t stopping effectively or are making a lot of noise when you stop, it may be time for maintenance. Inspect your brake pads prior to replacing and look for uneven wear, scoring on the rotors, or any hydraulic leaks. Any of these things can be an indication that more than just the pads and rotors will need to be replaced.

This video offers a step-by-step guide to properly completing a rear brake job, including brake rotors, rear brake pad replacement and bleeding the brake line. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below. Though this is demonstrated on Nissan Altima, most vehicles with a rear disc pad set up are performed similarly.

** Note: Some rear brakes require a special tool to twist the caliper piston back in while others require a scanner to retract the piston. Please pay attention to what you are doing before trying to compress these types of pistons as you can cause serious damage to your brake system.

… and yes, that is our very own Jared Goss acting in the Autozone videos.