Learn how to reset oil light, change engine oil light, engine oil life on any Oldsmobile model. Pick your model below for the procedure:

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Video Reset Engine Oil Monitor System on 2005-2008 Pontic Grand Prix

Video reset engine oil monitor system on 2005-2008 Pontic Grand Prix after oil change. Learn how to reset the pesky change oil soon message with this video.

Pontiac 6000 Service Light Reset Procedure After Oil Change

Here you can find the Pontiac 6000 service light reset procedure to be performed after every oil change.

How to Reset Oil Life on Pontiac Solstice After Oil Change

Learn how to reset oil life on Pontiac Solstice after the oil change has been performed.

Perform Pontiac Montana Oil Light Reset With These Easy Steps!

Pontiac Montana oil light reset procedure can be found here and is to performed after oil change is complete.

Pontiac Torrent Oil Change Due Light Reset Procedure

Use these steps for Pontiac Torrent oil change due light reset after your service to clear the reminder light.

How to Reset Oil Change Due Light on Pontiac GTO

Learn how to reset oil change due light on Pontiac GTO after service. If you have a percentage monitor, this procedure will reset back to 100%.

How to Reset Oil Life Percentage on Pontiac Grand Prix

Learn how to reset oil life percentage on Pontiac Grand Prix back to 100% after oil change.

Pontiac Grand Am Change Engine Oil Light Reset in Seconds!

Here is the Pontiac Grand Am change engine oil light reset procedure to reset the oil light after service.

Pontiac G8 Change Oil Soon Light Reset Procedure for 2008 & 2009

Find the Pontiac G8 change oil soon light reset procedure for model years 2008 and 2009 to reset the oil life back to 100%.

Perform These Pontiac G6 Oil Change Light Reset Procedure in Seconds!

Find the Pontiac G6 oil change light reset procedure here to reset the oil life back to 100%.