VW Touraeg Oil Wrench Light Reset Procedure for Model Years 2005-2015

VW Touraeg Oil Wrench Light Reset

VW Touraeg Oil Wrench Light Reset Procedure for Model Years 2005-2015:


  1. Turn the key into the ON position
  2. Select the “Settings” menu with the controls located on either the windshield wiper arm or the steering wheel
  3. Select the “Service” submenu and then select the “Reset” option and then press the OK button to reset the display
  4. Press the OK button once more to confirm


  1. With the ignition switched OFF, press and hold the 0.0/ SET button (located on the right side of the instrument cluster)
  2. While holding down, turn the ignition to the ON position
  3. Release the button and briefly press the button for setting the CLOCK (located on the left side of the instrument cluster) once
  4. After a brief period, the display will switch back to the normal display indicating the service interval is reset


  1. Press the MENU button located above the shifter on the center console
  2. Then touch SETUP, then VEHICLE, then MAINTENANCE
  3. Touch the desired item in which you need to reset (i.e. Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Tire Rotation, etc.)
  4. From here, fill in the requested fields with the new “Next Service” interval (i.e. date and distance till next service is due)
  5. Press OK when complete
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for any other services that were performed

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