How To Reset Mercedes CLK 500 Oil light in 5 easy steps!:

  1. Close all doors, hood, and trunk lid and turn ignition to position II (ON)
  2. Press the main menu PAGE buttons repeatedly to display the main trip/temp menu
  3. Press the UP and/or DOWN arrows to scroll through the submenus to display the FSS (Flexible Service System) menu
  4. To enter reset mode press and hold the TRIP or DIMMER button (located on the left side of the instrument cluster) until the message “Do You Want To Reset Service Interval? Confirm Reset Using Reset Button or Service Interval To Reset Button or Service Interval To Reset: Press Reset Button for 3 Sec” is shown in the display then release the button
  5. Press and hold the TRIP or DIMMER button again until “Service Interval Has Been Reset” is shown in the display and then release the button
  6. The display will show the FSS sub-menu with a new mileage interval then turn the ignition to position 0 (OFF)

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