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Why do automotive mechanics charge so much?

A little insight into why your automotive mechanic is worth everything that he charges. See why you should be thinking of him like a doctor for you car.

Why does it cost so much to diagnose a check engine...

Your check engine light is on for a reason. See what is entailed in finding the fault that is causing your light to be on and why it cost money to find the problem.

5 ways of knowing you have a good mechanic

Good mechanics are getting harder to come by. Vehicles are evolving constantly and it requires a lot of self discipline as a mechanic to continue learning.

Volkswagen Scandal Crossed a Line With Their Customers

The largest car manufacturer got caught lying to their customers for the last 7 years! Read what is the Volkswagen scandal, how it affects you, & what next?

Self Driving Cars and the End of the World

Self Driving Cars are the not only picking up steam they're going mainstream and every major automotive manufacturer has this new technology in sight.