How To Do Your Own Headlight Restoration For Under $20


Headlight Restoration That’ll Get Your Headlights Looking Brand New Forever!

1The problem with foggy headlights

Headlights that are covered in yellow oxidation are not only unattractive and make your car look old or dirty, but it is also a safety issue when driving at night. Light refracts off the oxidation and dulls the brightness and extent of the light beam hindering your ability to see further when driving at night. When comparing a brand-new headlight lens to an old worn-out one, you can see up to 30 feet further. When you check with automotive repair shops and detail and body shops, you’ll find that restoring your headlights can cost $80 or more, which is well worth the price if you don’t want to do the work yourself. When done by a professional, most will warranty them for life because they should never fade again. If you’re looking to do the elbow work yourself, keep reading and I’ll tell you how you can do it for under $10 and never have to do it again.